Did you know that selling cakes and cookies from home isn’t legal? Neither did we until the day that we decided to find out what we’d need to start our own home baking business’s.

Since that day we have discovered that there are many home based bakers throughout the Untied States trying to accomplish the same goal.  We have been writing letters to our legislatures, signing petitions, campaigning, and organizing the effort to allow us to sell our cakes, cookies, and pies, just like our mothers and grandmothers did before us.

Through a lot of hard work and patience, 34 states have passed or modified this bill, enabling people to start their home based food businesses, and giving them the ability to supplement their income, in an increasingly difficult economy. Sadly, Minnesota is not one of them.

In 2011 the Minnesota Statutes were revised, 28A.15Exclusions, Subdivision 9, basically saying that we can sell baked goods at craft/ bake sales, and farmers markets, but we still need some revisions made to help Home Bakers sale directly from home.

We need a Cottage Food Law that allows us to: advertise to the public, post information guidelines for home food processing on the state Dept. of Agriculture website., and to increase the cap on how much money we’re allowed to earn.

There’s a page started on Facebook called MN Cottage Food Law. Thank you for reading our blog and we’d appreciate if you’d sign our petition at: http://t.co/WpnK47XO

This page was created by private citizens to gather support and to provide updates on progress made in passing Minnesota’s Cottage Food Law. The information on this site is deemed reliable, but is not intended as legal advice. Contact an attorney for questions about the law.

On July 1st, 2015 our law went into effect and all home bakers are now allowed to sell baked goods from their homes. Our mission has been accomplished!

We will continue to maintain this blog as long as we can to offer support and general information to Minnesota Home Bakers.

We would like to state that we are in no way experts. We are just home bakers sharing with you whatever information that we can.



  1. Have amendments been made to the bill so that it can be reconsidered? Are you working with a specific representative? I am a former elected from CA and we supported the law being passed there and greatly appreciated the help of Sustainable Economies Law Center in the process. I am recently moved to MN and working on a startup farm and would love to incorporate homemade goodies. I am happy to help in any way that I can. Please get in touch.

    • Hello Pam! Yes, we do have an amendment being worked on with the help of several senators and representatives. It would be wonderful to talk to you about your experience in California and get any advice you may have. You can contact me via email at mncottagefoodlaw@gmail.com.

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