Registration Renewal Update

Hello folks! I just want to give you a quick update about your cottage food producer’s re-registration. By now those of you who have been waiting for your registration renewal letters should have received them. They are very easy to fill out online. Just follow the step-by-step instructions printed on the yellow page.

One thing to note, Step #4 asks for your “License Number”, that should say “Registration Number”, which is located near the top left hand side of the white page.

Also please note that if you have a change of address you cannot re-register online. You will have to fill out and send in the snail mail form.

If you are re-registering as a Tier 2 cottage food producer there is a payment of $50.00 required. You can pay with a credit card, follow the link provided in Step #10. If you are paying with a regular check you will need to re-register through the mail.

If you prefer to mail in your re-registration this is also pretty simple. Just be sure to read the Cottage Food Exemption rules on the back of the white form, fill in the required information on the front and mail it in the already addressed envelope that is provided.

If you have any questions please contact the MDA at (651) 201-6062 or email


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