April 7, 2017 ~ Update

Good morning everyone, hope your day is off to a great start! I have a few updates for you.

As many of you know there are a few items in our cottage food bill that we are still working on. After almost two years we have a clearer understanding of what works and what things still need to change. One of those things was the ruling against cottage food producers being allowed to donate their products. I am very excited to tell you that after meeting with the Department of Agriculture, Rep. Newberger was able to present an amendment to the bill on the House Floor and it passed!

An amendment by Rep. Jim Newberger (R-Becker) was also adopted. It would modify the rules governing cottage food producers – home cooks and gardeners who sell their products to the public – to allow them to also donate their products to charities and other organizations trying to raise money.” ~ From the Session Daily Article

Suzanne Driessen continues to do a wonderful job directing us in food safety. If you haven’t checked out the U of M Extension website lately she has added more information. It’s a great place to find the answers to any food safety questions and if you don’t see it there just ask her. She’ll find the answer. The most recent question we asked her was if alcohol is allowed in frosting. Click the highlighted link for the answer and for any other questions you may have this is the blog link: Cottage Foods Q & A Blog

If you haven’t taken your food safety class yet the next one is May 6th, 2017 in St. Cloud. For more information about upcoming classes and to register  for them click the link: 2017 Cottage Food Workshops

One last thing, recently many of our cottage food producers have been singled out by scammers via email and text. I tried to find a good website that explains how to identify a scam. This one from Scamguard seemed to be the most informative.

Stay safe and have a wonderful April!




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