March Updates

Hello everyone! If you are like me cabin fever has set in and I’m so happy to see spring on the horizon. Folks are getting ready for spring vendor events and soon opening farmers markets. Brides are preparing for June weddings and seniors are preparing for upcoming graduations. Business should soon be booming for everyone! So please remember that if you are a Cottage Foods Producer you must be registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Currently we have 1,163 registered cottage food producers. Last year we had double that amount so please remember re-registration is not automatic, you must reapply every year. If you have any questions contact the MN Dept. of Agriculture.

Suzanne Driessen has informed me that the food safety classes are going well this year. Attendance has been great. 63 people attended the 3 classes that she has taught so far and 30 people attended the Local Foods College webinar.

She has also informed me that there is a simplified version of the webinar that would qualify for Tier 1 training. It is called Cottage Food Law LFC 2017, just click the link.  Folks can also watch the videos on the MFMA website to meet the Tier 1 training requirement. If you would like to use either of these video options, you will need to email Suzanne for the exam,; that way she has it on record that you took the training.  Or you can do the training from the MDA website and take their exam. The Tier 2 online course is being worked on and we’ll let you know when it is completed. Until then Tier 2 food safety training classes have been posted in the events section of the MN Cottage Food Law Facebook page.

Another cool thing that has happened recently is that the University of Minnesota Extension has redesigned their web page. They have added videos and resources for product sampling and transferred their FAQ webpage into a blog. Check it out here: Safe Food Sampling at Farmers Markets.

Recently I have read a few articles that I thought some of you might be interested in. The links are below. Have a very lucky March 🙂

The Price Is Wrong

Making Money on the Homestead – Cottage Laws

Run A Cottage Food Business From Your Own Kitchen





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