Scam Alert!

Good morning all! Please be aware and alert! Unfortunately several of our Minnesota cottage food producers have been receiving the following text message and/or others similar to the one below:

16864473_10210705413965719_2983056298479388139_n2If you have received this or anything similar to it please delete it from your call logs immediately. As a matter of fact it is recommended by AVG that you clear your call log every few days just as a precaution.

There are many scams out there. As the Cottage Food Industry picks up around the country I am sure we will see more and more. Unfortunately a lot of our information is general public knowledge since we must provide it on our labels. Please be sure to use as many precautions as you can. Never give anyone your bank account information to transfer money to you. Never do a large order for anyone until you have received a down payment to at least cover you ingredients. Make sure your down payment is in cash or if you do accept checks, be sure they have cleared before purchasing large amounts of ingredients.

I’m sure there are many more precautions we should be aware of. If you think of any, feel free to share. I am attaching an article from the Consumer Report website that explains the science of a scam. There is a lot of useful information on their website. Take care you all and be safe!

The Science Of Scam ~ Consumer Report




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