A Few Updates ~ Nov. 16th

Good afternoon you all! The other day I received a letter from David Crabill. He is the author of the Cottage Food Law page on Forrager. This is a great website to keep up to date on all the current cottage food laws in the United States, it is called the Forrager Cottage Food Community. He wanted to let us know that New Jersey is one of the states that still doesn’t allow home bakers and they really need our help. Here’s what David wrote and his request to us to please sign their petition.

One of New Jersey’s senators, Joe Vitale, has been using his powers as the chair of the Health and Human Services Committee to block all of his state’s cottage food bills from passing. Why? Because he does not personally agree with legalizing the sale of homemade food.

These modest bills have been getting unanimous approval by the assembly, who forward them to his committee. Apparently, Senator Vitale doesn’t trust his committee to make the “right” decision, because he refuses to even let his committee vote on them. Instead, the bills quietly die in their legislative session.

But the will of the people cannot be quieted forever. Support for cottage food laws has been growing in New Jersey since the creation of their first bill in 2009. I have always been impressed by their efforts, which have included social media campaigns, petitions, and even supporter t-shirts and badges.

This year, however, has been a breakout year for New Jersey. Increased transparency of Vitale’s solo mission to prevent cottage food has spurred citizens to take a stand, and I’ve witnessed a major push from them over the past few months. They have introduced two brand new cottage food bills, built a new website, started a newsletter, and most recently, created a new petition.

I encourage you to sign New Jersey’s petition. I don’t know if it will change the outcome of the bills this year, but at the very least, it shows a small token of support for the efforts they have been making.

David also wanted us to let us know that Delaware can now sell homemade food. They didn’t even have to get a bill passed. Their health department just decided to create new rules and requirements. I think that this could be either good or bad depending on what rules they want to enforce. However, at the moment it’s working in Delaware’s favor and restrictions to the cottage food law have been removed. Congratulations Delaware!

Our Minnesota re-registration notices for 2017 were sent out yesterday, Nov. 15th, 2016. You should begin receiving them in a day or two. Instructions for online re-registration is included in the letter.

One more thing, I’m sure you have heard that November 26th is considered Small Business Saturday. This was created to raise support for local businesses and is promoted by American Express. However, it might be a good opportunity to remind folks that cottage food producers are a part of their local business community also, maybe by offering a Small Business Saturday discount on holiday goodies or something like that. Anyway, it’s just a thought. 🙂

Have a great rest of the week you all!


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