Registration Update

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather we’re having. We received an update from Suzanne Driessen today, it is as follows:

“I had a meeting with folks at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture this week. Renewal notices for MN Registered Cottage Food Producers will go out mid-November. If you are switching to a Tier 2 producer level (over $5000) in 2017 and you haven’t taken the Tier 2 course, your application will be rejected. There is one more course this year in Cloquet on November 1, 2016.…/food-…/courses/cottage-foods/. In 2017, we will ramp up course offerings and locations. We are also developing an online option for Tier 2.”

Suzanne will be setting up classes for 2017 soon. If you haven’t taken the food safety class, please let her know where you are located so that she can plan next years schedule accordingly. Remember EVERYONE who is a registered cottage food producer is required to take a food safety class. It doesn’t take that long, it is very informative and it only has to be renewed every 3 years.

Have a great day!

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