March, 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you who celebrate the holiday! I don’t know about you all but I don’t need to be Irish to feel lucky today. It’s so wonderful to be able to know that our law has passed and to hear of the success so many of you are having. The other day someone in the town next to me shared how happy she was that the law had passed. The little restaurant where she used to bake had closed, but now that the law was passed she could bake from home. Now we just need to pass a little of that luck onto our fellow Cottage Food folks in Wisconsin and New Jersey. Wishing them all the best!

I’ve heard that some of you are having a little difficulty getting your businesses advertised. There are a lot of small business groups on Facebook now that provide a great place to advertise your business to your local community. Be sure to check if someone has started such a group in your area and join, if one hasn’t been started you should do it. It’s really easy to start a group on Facebook and you’ll be surprised how many people use them to get information.

I have some information for you from Kathy Zeman regarding some upcoming training classes printed below. Have a great day!

Free MDA-approved Cottage Food trainings

Do you make and sell baked goods, home-canned pickles, salsa, jam, and jellies? Are you a Cottage Food producer? If yes, attend this free training to learn how to produce, package, label, store, and transport a safe food product. Taught by Suzanne Driessen, a University of Minnesota Food Safety Extension Educator, the training focuses on food safety practices for all processes covered under the Cottage Food Law including drying, baking, confections, jams and jellies, acid and acidified fruit and vegetables, and fermentation. This training satisfies the MN Department of Agriculture (MDA) required training for both Tier I and Tier II Cottage Food vendors, and is sponsored by the City of Minneapolis Health Department. Register for the free training by following this link. Priority registration for vendors selling at a Minneapolis market is through Sunday, March 27. On Monday, March 28, registration opens to all Cottage Food vendors.




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