February 18, 2016 ~ Insurance & Spring Conference Info

Hello everyone!

If you are interested in getting an insurance policy for your new cottage foods business, I have some insurance information for you from the Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association. A registered Cottage Foods Producer selling cottage foods in a farmers’ market ONLY, and who is a member of the MFMA, is eligible to apply for insurance through the Advantage 1 insurance company for $190. This will cover you for cottage foods that you sell in any MN farmers’ market, but only at a MN farmers’ market. This is a group policy with general liability and product liability coverage. See this fact sheet for details: http://mfma.org/files/849.pdf
If you are a registered Cottage Foods Producer selling from your home (not a farmers’ market), in a fund raiser or bake sale event, Advantage 1 offers an insurance policy of $250. To contact Advantage 1 Insurance about the $250 policy, contact Beth Fiedler at bethf@advantageoneins.com.
It is possible you can get more inexpensive insurance through your own insurance company. It’s important to check around and find out where you can get the best offer and coverage.
The Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association has posted more information and a registration form for the 2016 MFMA Spring Conference and Annual Meeting. For more information please click on this link: Spring Conference 2016



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