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Hi everyone! I just got back from visiting my son in a much warmer state. I’m not going to lie, coming home to the cold was not easy. Especially when I got off of the plane and the security guard took one look at my sweatshirt and said, “I sure hope you got something warmer than that. The wind chill out there is below zero.”

Any way, I am trying to play catch up and fill you in on a few things I have seen around the internet. I have already shared some of them on our Facebook page, but just in case you’re one of the folks who do not follow our FB page, here’s a few tidbits.

First I want to welcome all of our news followers, we now have 1255 Likes. Although I don’t post the numbers like I used to, we do appreciate each and every one of you. Without our combined efforts we would still be where we were just a year ago, hoping and wishing.

There was a really nice article shared by the Wisconsin Cottage Food folks, about some sisters in Ada, MN who are getting their new business going. Wisconsin is looking to us for inspiration, so if you have a few minutes to like their page and encourage them, I’m sure they would appreciate it. Here is the link to their page: Wisconsin Cottage Food Law.

Here is the article about Rebecca & Marissa Sip in Ada, MN. Ada Sisters Start Home Cake & Cupcake Business. It always makes me feel good to read these stories and to know that all of our efforts were not in vain and that people are really benefiting from this law being changed. If you come across other success stories, please be sure to share them. It is a great encouragement to others.

MFMA shared a short news clip that was on the Mankato Local News yesterday about the Minnesota Farmer’s Market Academy classes. I think these classes have been a great help and source of information to many people. Here is that link: Farmer’s Market Cottage Foods Law Course Tours Southern Minnesota

I know that some of the followers on our Facebook page have food trucks, so when I saw this truck I had to take pictures to share with you. Another lady was taking pictures also and we were both thinking the same thing, how neat would this be for a food truck! I have no idea if such a thing is even possible here, but it’s really cool! So these photos are for you. 🙂 Stay warm and have a great day everyone!



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