Monday 1/11/2016

Good Morning! Just a few quick things to share with you all today. I received an update from Suzanne Driessen, the 5 safety classes that have been held by the MFMA have been very successful with over 250 people attending. As I told you before there are three more classes to be held. If you are interested click on this link: Minnesota Farmers’ Market Academy 2015-2016. Other training sessions are being discussed and we will keep you updated on that.

The Minnesota Farmer’s Market Association has a great resource page for the cottage food law that you should check out. They are in the process of adding a non-potentially hazardous foods list also. The link is: MN Cottage Food Law Resources. This is a work in progress so if there’s anything you have a question about be sure to ask. This is the email: We really thank and appreciate all of the hard work that the MFMA and MDA folks do on our behalf.

We are very interested in how everyone is doing with their new businesses, so if you’d like to share we will feature you in a blog about new home baking businesses. Just send an email to:

Have a great week!




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