January 2016

Hello Friends, 2016 has gotten off to a great start with this beautiful snow and if you’re a crazy football fan like myself, the NFC Vikings Championship! This cold weather is really bringing out the baking vibes in me and that’s so not helping with the New Year resolution to get healthy. Yes, I am a walking clichĂ©. Seriously though, I know you follow this page to find out what’s new in the Minnesota Cottage Food world so here’s a few updates for you.

By now everyone who registered in 2015 has received a letter from the Dept. of Agriculture with a 2016 renewal form in it. This should have been filled out and sent in right away and if so you are good to go for this year. If you are new this year, then you should fill out the registration form found here: Cottage Food Producer Registration .

Regarding the food and safety classes for 2016. The Dept. Of Agriculture is still working on the updated attachment for 2016. At this time the training that is on their website right now is all you are required to do. This is the link: Cottage Food Producer Registration Training.

If you would like to attend the food and safety classes sponsored by the Minnesota Farmer’s Market Association there are still a few classes left on the schedule. I will be contacting Suzanne Driessen to see if she has anything else scheduled for the future. As for now Redwood, Mankato, and Rochester are scheduled for classes and the link for this information is here: Minnesota Farmer’s Market Academy.

If you have any questions regarding food safety or if a food item is considered potentially hazardous, you can contact Suzanne Driessen at . She’s really nice!

Have a great weekend!





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