Registration Update

Hi Folks! I have an update regarding the Minnesota Farmer’s Market Academy and registration for next year. I received the following information yesterday from our contact at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

” At this time, because the MDA does not yet have courses differentiated for the two Tiers, the online course or the in person course at the Farmer’s Market Academy would cover either the 0-5,000 dollar tier or the 5,001-18,000 dollar tier. Once the University of MN Extensions program completes the development of the Tier 2 courses that may change, but for now the single course would cover both groups.

Registration paperwork dated 12/15/2015 or later would be processed for 2016, so even if you took the course on December 1st you could date your registration for the 15th and have it count for 2016. The only issue with that is if someone had an event between December 1 and December 15; they would need to register for 2015 at that point and would then have to renew for 2016.

If you do not have an event between December 1 and December 15 you do not need to register for 2015, and could just put December 15 or later on the registration form.”

It is important to know that the workshops from the Minnesota Farmer’s Market Academy will be a great benefit to us all. It is good for 3 years so you would not have to take another safety class until 2019. We would like to encourage you to make time for this workshop. Just click the link to sign up: Minnesota Farmer’s Market Academy 2015-2016

Also, please don’t forget to register for your 2016 registration card after December 15th. If you have already registered for 2015 you will need to reregister for 2016. This is required every year.

If you have any further questions please contact Kathy Zemen at the MFMA.



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