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Hello folks! We would like to welcome all of the newcomers to our Facebook page in the past few months. We now have 1225 followers to our Facebook page as well as many more following our blog on WordPress. I do apologize for not answering questions very quickly and want to thank all those who have helped pick up on my slacking such as Suzanne and Kathy. It’s been much appreciated.

I would like to remind all of you, especially our new followers, that the authors of this Facebook page and blog are not in any way legal professionals. We are fellow cake bakers who just wanted the chance to make a change in the Cottage Food Law and with your help were successful. Often times when you ask questions it takes time to find the answers but we will try to help when we can.

Hopefully by now you have all successfully registered and begun your home businesses. I have been excited to hear some of your stories and would love to hear more if you are willing to share. You can write to us at

The new year is fast approaching and if you haven’t yet registered please make sure that you check into that. You will definitely need to be registered for the new year of 2016. All those who have registered already will need to renew their registration. If you have been active in your business you should have an idea which category you will want to operate under and will need to take the food safety classes pertaining to that category.

Kathy Zemen of the Minnesota Farmers Market Association has been an invaluable help to Minnesota’s home bakers. The MFMA is offering a workshop called the Minnesota Farmer’s Market Academy. I think that it would be a very good idea for all home bakers to attend one of these workshops near you. This course will help answer questions concerning safe product handling and how to better market your product. According to Kathy this training is good for 3 years and is the training that the Minnesota Department of Agriculture will mandate starting in 2016. If you are already a member of the MFMA the workshop is free, if not you can join for a reduced price of $35.00, this will also qualify you for their reduced rate liability insurance. I know I want to take advantage of that! Please note that this training is only good for the $0 – $5,000 sales tier. There will be another set of workshops specifically for the $5,001 – $18,000 level. We’ll keep you updated.

If you have any questions please contact Kathy or Jesse Davis.

FMA Flier


Once again please don’t forget that it is very important that you register with the MDA for the year 2016 in December, so that everything is in order for a bright new beginning to your home business on January 1st, 2016. We asked for this law, we now need to make sure that we cooperate with it. A few hours of a food safety class and a small registry fee are a small price to pay for the ability to legally sell our cakes from home. You can get more information by clicking on this link: Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Happy baking!


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