June 23, 2015 ~ Weekly Update

Hi folks! I’m afraid there isn’t much to tell you at the moment. I sent a letter to our contact at the Dept. Of Agriculture with some of the questions you’ve been asking. Please remember that this is also new territory for the Dept. of Agriculture so they will have to deal with some things as they come up.

Here are a few things I asked with the answers.

Question: If a person already holds a Food Handlers license will they have to take the test again? Or do they just have to register with the Dept. Of Agriculture? For instance, some people have food manager licenses or have taken the food safety class and have a license from that.

Answer: If someone is already licensed with MDA as a food handler (retail food handler or retail mobile food handler) they would not need to register because the registration is for people who fall into the license exemption only. They would need to decide whether or not they meet the criteria for the license exemption, and if they don’t meet the criteria they would need to keep their food handler license. The certified food manager certificate is different from our food handler licensing; I don’t know if we will accept certified food manager training certificates as fulfilling the required training for this bill or not. That is on my list to get answered, and we will put that information on the website.

Question: Exactly how will registration work? If you are just starting out and you’re not sure how your business is going to go, do your still register of do you wait until you see that your business is doing well and then register at that time? Maybe someone doesn’t make it to the $5000 gross so they won’t know until they start.

Answer: If you want to make products under the exemption at all during the year you would need to register. We know that most people starting out will have no idea what their gross sales will be so we ask that they guess for the first year. The way the language is written registration is required as soon as you sell anything, however.

That’s about all I know for now. In the meantime you can print business cards and update your Facebook pages. Don’t forget you’ll also have to make ingredient labels for your creations. There’s lots to think about. Have a great week!



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