Exciting News!

We have some really exciting news! The law will officially go into effect on July 1st! Yes, yes, I know you have a trillion questions, but let’s just take a moment to let this sweet news soak in…………….YES!! Ok, here’s what I know for now.

The legal department decided that the law will take effect on July 1st, 2015. Of course the website is no where near completed. The Dept. Of Agriculture gave me this information,We’re currently in the process of developing a paper registration form and in interim “online course” that will cover some of the basics of food safety and labeling considerations relative to the new statutory language.” This will be used until the online courses and electronic registration are ready. But that will take more time to develop. In the meanwhile, you can check out this link for the Minnesota Dept. Of Agriculture. It has a lot of interesting & useful information and the updated details that we’re waiting for should be on it soon.

You may have noticed that we have closed the petition on Change.org. How exciting to be able to declare victory!! So much thanks goes out to every single one of the 2346 people who signed our petitions. We have also closed the GoFundMe link. All proceeds will be donated to Icing Smiles.

We’re going to keep posting new developments as we get them. We’ll try to answer as many questions as we can but please remember, we don’t have all the answers yet.

Have a great weekend!



  1. CarmenO

    I’ve spent hours trying to find out more, since July 1st is just a week away. Not easy, since no one in the Extension office or the Department of Agriculture seem to have even heard of the new law. So far it seems that I’m going to need an aerial map of my 1/3 acre backyard, which I call my micro-farm, among many other requirements. Plus, the record keeping seems to be endless, including a suggestion of daily photos of the plans for the day when it comes to planting, harvesting, etc. These are just a few of the things necessary for the food safety certification. There is a course for $190 which would eat any profit from my berries and other related products. Unless this is being modified, for me it is turning into a “careful what you wish for”.

    • Hi Carmen, I’m kind of confused as to what you’re asking me. Please email me at mncottagefoodlaw@gmail.com. It will be easier to chat with you there. Thanks!

  2. AShley Boeshans

    Hi, I’m new to this site but I wanted to clarify something you mention. According to the MN SOS the fee to file/register as an LLC is actually $135 by mail ($150 online/in person). The $30 fee ($50 online/in person) you are referring to is for registering an assumed name which will give you rights to do business under said name but it does not allow you declare yourself as an LLC or take advantage of the tax benefits of becoming an LLC. Also, I’d like to mention that once you receive confirmation from the state of name approval you then need to submit it to a state approved legal newspaper in the county where the principle place of business is registered which will run you anywhere from $60 to $100+ for the 2 week required subscription. Once those hoops have been jumped through you will receive a certificate in the mail that you need to keep on file as proof that you’ve done everything you need to to secure your name. That said I’m very excited to hear more about this as it develops and would love any additional information you could pass along regarding home based baking business as I’m currently in the process of establishing one.

    • Hi Ashley, I will check this out some more. Thank you for your information.

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