Weekly Update ~ May 26, 2015

Hi everyone! Well, where should I begin today? The numbers are still doing good, which means we still have folks finding out about us. We had 12 more petition signatures, our total is now 2324. We welcome seventeen more Facebook friends. The total is now 1070. Awesome!

As we all know by now, the omnibus that held our bill was vetoed by Governor Dayton. It should be made clear that it was not our cottage food part that he objected to but something entirely unrelated to us. Our champion Senators and Representatives are going to do what they can to get it in to the special session that will be held in a few weeks.

Some folks are having a hard time finding where the cottage foods exemption is found on the HF846 bill. I think that is because it was revised so many times and it is found in the newest version. Here is the link I found, look at 38.1 Sec.53 [28A.152]: HF846

Keep thinking positive thoughts and maybe drop a line or two of thanks and encouragement to our Senators and Representatives who are really trying to get this law passed for us. There names of the authors of our bill are below: Rep. Newberger
Rep. Kahn
Rep. Metsa
Sen. Dibble
Sen. Bonoff
Sen. Petersen

Have a good week!

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