Very Thankful This Thursday!

Talk about excitement! I spoke to Rep. Newberger yesterday. I had asked him to explain exactly where we are at in the process of getting our bill passed. For those of you who understand the workings of the political system I’m sure this is an every day occurrence for you, but for me this is all a little confusing sometimes. All of the committees, procedures, and even the words they use often seem like a foreign language. So for those of us who need this put into simpler terms here’s the 411, WE DID IT! A whole lot of people working together have managed to finally get our law through all of the hoops and hurdles.

There is one more meeting in the House and the Senate to make sure that the wording in both places are exactly the same, which is not a problem as everyone agrees on how it should be so no more discussion is needed. Just printing it up, which should take about 2 weeks. Then the Governor will sign them into law and Hurray! We will have made it through the finish line.

After the bill is signed you will need to register as a home baker and take a food handler’s course, but it will be very easy. We will be posting all of the where’s and how’s as we get this information. There will eventually be a website that is easy to access, where you will be able to find everything you need to know to get your dough rising and cake baking!




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