April 27, 2015 ~ Weekly Update

Great news! Our senate Cottage Food bill SF1249 did pass through the finance committee, happy dance! It’s now included in the SF2101 Omnibus Agriculture, Environment, Natural Resources, Jobs, and Economic Development Appropriations bill authored by Sen Tomassoni. You can look at it if you click this link: SF1249, and on line 30.17, under section 47, you will see our bill. I do not see it on the senate schedule yet.

It looks like the HF1437 Omnibus Agriculture Policy and Finance bill, which contains our HF910 Cottage Food bill, will be heard in the Ways and Means hearing on Tuesday, April 28th. Rep. Newberger will let me know for sure today.

Our numbers for last week were great again. Thirty-one more signatures were added to the petition, making the combined total 2268. We welcome 12 more folks to our Facebook page, total is now 1020. Have a beautiful sunshiny week!



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  2. Exciting! Thanks for all your continued hard work. 🙂

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