April 20, 2015 ~ Weekly Update

Good Monday Morning! It’s so exciting to see the numbers growing like never before. We have passed the 1000 mark on Facebook with 43 new friends following our page! The total is now 1008. Thirty-six people signed our petition making that a total of 2237. Every week more and more people are spreading the word and the message that this is an important issue in Minnesota is coming across loud and clear.

I want to share with you an excerpt from Rep. Newberger’s weekly newsletter. If you would like to sign up to receive these letters just click on this link: LEGISLATIVE UPDATE (I haven’t been able to find one for Sen. Dibble yet.)

“Cottage Foods & Farmers Market bill. I am working with Senator Dibble to pass a Cottage Foods & Farmers Market bill. We are expanding the law to allow folks to earn up to $18,000 per year selling baked goods and other food items. Currently, folks are capped at $5,000 in sales per year.

There was some concern about church groups, charity events, etc, not being able to sell food items without paying a fee or registering with the state. This is not the case.

Folks who sell food for these type of events will still be able to. This is protected under another section of law.”

Of course he is referring to the Farmer’s Markets sales. I do not see anything on the House or Senate schedules for this week. Will let you know when we do. Have a great week! (Of course this is referring to the Farmer’s Markets sales.)


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  1. cookiesandcakesbymary

    thanks for keeping us updated !

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