March 27, 2015 ~ Happy Friday!

Howdy! As many of you already know, yesterday the HF910 bill was heard in the House Finance committee and passed! Many thanks to our Marianne Sussman and Kathy Zemen from the Minnesota Farmer’s Market Association for taking the time to attend these meeting and testify on our behalf. You can see a picture of them with Rep. Newberger in this article from the Session Daily, featured on the House of Representatives website.

Home Cooks Hope New Bill Is A Recipe For More Money by Jonathan Mohr

Marianne spoke to Sen. Dibble yesterday and he said that SF1249 will probably be heard in the Senate Finance Committee after the spring break.

Many of you have asked if we have some kind of a form letter that you can use as an example for writing to your representatives. Below you can find links to your representatives and a link to an example letter, but feel free to write your own. Have a great weekend!

Minnesota Senate Members

Minnesota House Of Representatives Members

Sample Letter To Your Representatives






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