March 2, 2015 ~ BILL UPDATE!!

Hey everybody! Time to do a happy dance! Sen. Dibble has done the introduction and first reading of the bill in the House Senate today! It is described as “Direct sales to individuals.” You can find the information here: SF-1249

Sen. Dibble asked Sen. Dave Brown to coauthor the bill. As I have already told you Rep. Kahn is coauthoring the bill in the House of Representatives with Rep. Newberger. Which means we have bipartisan support for our bill in both branches of legislature and are so many more steps further than we have ever been before.

I spoke with both Sen. Brown and Rep. Newberger on Saturday. They assured me that the first step is getting the bill before the committees. If any of your district representatives are on the finance & agriculture committee it’s really important that you make your voices heard now as the bills are going before the committees and now you also have a bill number to add to your request, SF-1249 and HF-910.

We really want to thank Sen. Dibble, Sen. Brown, Rep. Newberger, and Rep. Kahn for all of their help and support! We will be planning a trip to the capitol, probably in about 3 weeks. We’ll post it when we have more details.

If you get any feedback from your reps please share them with us. Things are looking up folks!

The best thing to happen to any kid is the world of peanuts. These were comics and cartoons done well, clean and funny, with great messages! If you didn't grow up with Charlie brown & the gang, it is never too late to start!



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