Talking Points

A year ago we posted this list of Talking Points to give everyone a clearer idea of what we are trying to accomplish. I thought that on this Throwback Thursday it would be a good idea to take another look at it. Enjoy the warmer weather you all!

Minnesota Cottage Food Law

Many of you have been waiting for a list of talking points that can be used as a guideline when speaking to your representatives or anyone else who happens to be interested in what we are trying to accomplish. I apologize for the delay!

In regards to the Cap:
1. It has been suggested that raising the cap from $5,000.00 a year to $25,000.00 in gross sales would cause home bakers to create more product, which would in turn cause less focus on the quality and safety of the food.

Our Response: Cakes, cookies or pies are either done or not. Larger stacked cakes that not fully cooked are less stable, so can’t be worked with. In short it would not be in the baker’s best interest to sell a lesser quality item.

2. Another concern mentioned was that allowing home bakers was not fair to the commercial bakers.


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