Welcome 2015!

Welcome to a new year! We had several people find us over the holidays.  Twenty-two more signatures were added to the petition. For those of you who are new to the page, we had originally begun gathering petition signatures on the Petitononline website. However, after many complications and more recently the closing of that website, we had switched over to using Change.org. We did print out and keep all of the signatures from Petitiononline, which total 646. Change.org currently has 1282, and that is how we arrive at the total of 1928 signatures.

We also have our Facebook page, MN Cottage Food Law, and it has 861 Likes at the moment. We have the WordPress blog which you are currently reading 🙂 and we have a Twitter account.

At the moment we are collecting funds to help with expenses for this years activities. We have set up a donation page on Gofundme.com. The total amount is at $150.00. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and for your support. Any funds not used towards the amending of the bill will be donated to Icing Smiles.

Our goal for 2015 is to get this law amended. We are currently working on getting it written up and sent to the revisor’s office, pending some meetings. We have the promise of support from many members of the legislature this year. We are planning a trip to the capitol to meet with as many members of legislature as possible. We will be posting some information here, as soon as we get it finalized, that you can use to speak to your representatives also. Remember, it’s important that your district senators and representatives hear directly from their constituents.

So many other states have managed to get their law changed to sell baked goods from home, making it possible to begin small businesses and supplement incomes. We must do everything we can to make this year Minnesota’s year!






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