Tidbit Tuesday ~ Delaware

Delaware has more restrictions on their cottage food laws than we do! Not only can you not sell baked goods from your home, you can’t sell them any where else either. Only farmers can sell items from their farm in the farmer’s markets. They can also have road side stands and sell things on their farm, but training, a home inspection and a license is required to do that. The farmers are allowed to make up to $40,000.00 per year, but lots of restrictions and requirements are involved.

We’ve been following their progress on Face Book. At the moment they are waiting to have their bill heard in legislature. They have a regular Facebook page: Delaware Cottage Food Law Initiative ,which hasn’t been updated in awhile. But they also have a page for supporters that you can ask to join. You should click the links and find out how they are doing. I know they would appreciate the support: Delaware Cottage Food Law Supporters Page

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