Throwback Thursday ~ World Food Day

In 1945 World Food Day was begun by the Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations (FAO). The main objective of this agency is to help countries all around the world to stop hunger. This organization works with countries by introducing new techniques for improving their farms and other sources of food, as well as teaching nutrition and food safety.

World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16th all over the world to commemorate the day that the FAO was founded. Since 1981 they have used a different theme to highlight areas that need specific attention. This year the theme is: Family Farming “Feeding The World, Caring For The Earth”.

My father-in-law was an old Minnesota farmer. He always said that if you have a piece of ground to grow a garden, you will never go hungry. Isn’t it interesting that no matter how developed and technical this world becomes, we always end up back at the basics?








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