Tidbit Tuesday ~ Connecticut

Today our Tidbit Tuesday is dedicated to the state of Connecticut. If you take a look at their Facebook page, Cottage Food Law CT Movement, you will see that they are having a rough time getting their law passed also. Please take a minute to “like” their page and add your support to their cause. We all know how discouraging it is to feel like no one cares.

Connecticut did manage to get a few representatives to introduce their bill to legislature. Unfortunately it didn’t go anywhere. The argument used against them is the same as what’s happening here, such as allegations that our kitchens are not sanitary enough, and that it isn’t fair to make more competition for the grocers and bakery’s.

From what I could find on the internet their law does allow the sell of some jams, jellies, and sauces at Farmer’s Markets, as long as all of the ingredients are grown on the farm producing it, and the farmer’s water has been laboratory tested.

Even Forrager.com, where I get a lot of my information, didn’t have much to say about Connecticut. Hang in there Connecticut! We’re cheering you on in Minnesota!


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