Tuesday ~ Sept. 9, 2014

Hello Friends! With the falling leaves everyone is looking towards the holidays and the end of another year. Before we know it 2015 will be here. Just saying that boggles the mind! In November we will be voting in either new Representatives, or re-electing the ones we have now. After the new legislature is in place, we will be making sure every one of them has detailed information to our cause. This will insure that not a single one of them will be able to say, “I never heard about that.” You, as their constituents, are responsible for making sure that your district senators and representatives know how you feel. We will be making plans to visit the capital to meet and shake the hands of our legislature. We will expect every one of you who support this bill to be calling your reps and sending them letters. Let’s make sure 2015 is OUR year!


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