Food Friday ~ Red Velvet Delight

One of the things I discovered while researching the foods popular in the 70’s, was that pudding parfaits were a really popular dessert. One day I made up this parfait dessert that is always a big hit with my family and friends. Here’s the recipe for my “Red Velvet Delight”.

1. Bake a batch of Red Velvet cupcakes and let them cool completely.

2. Mix together 1 box of instant chocolate pudding, 1 cup milk, 1 cup heavy whipping cream, until thick. Keep cool until you use it.

3. Slice fresh strawberries. I like to sprinkle a little sugar on them, but you don’t have to.

4. Mix 1 cup of heavy whipping with 2 Tbsps. of sugar and 1/2 tsp. of vanilla, until thick and fluffy.

5. Take out a parfait cup or a tall neat looking glass. Assemble the parfait in layers: 1/3 of a cupcake, pudding, strawberries, 1/3 of a cupcake, pudding, strawberries, etc. for as many layers as you want. Top the whole thing off with lot’s of whipped cream and garnish with a strawberry. Enjoy!

Red Velvet Delight

Red Velvet Delight



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