Throwback Thursday ~ The Groovy 70’s!

Next on our tour of the decades is the 70’s! I loved the 70’s. Of course there was the never-ending political stuff, like Nixon and Watergate. The Vietnam war was over for the US. Most of the troops came home. Sadly, some never did.
But I was a kid then. The world was amazing! We were still allowed all of the cool things that kids can’t do today, like playing Red Rover, Dodge Ball, and I loved my Clackers! It was still usually safe enough to play outside all day long, never seeing our parents until it was time to eat.
I loved the disco balls, peasant skirts, bell bottoms, and I will never forget my first pair of platform shoes.  The colors not so much, but the free spirited flowing clothes? Oh yeah! There’s a reason my son calls me his hippi mom. 🙂 Everything possible was either crocheted or macramé.  We had Tupperware, Avon, and who can forget those long gas lines?
Fine dining consisted of TV Dinners accompanied by The Brady Bunch, Wonder Woman, and The Six Million Dollar Man. My treat of choice was a blue Slurpee from 7eleven.
The popular foods of that time seemed to be a continuation of the 60’s. Fondues, BBQing, and cocktail parties were still the rage. Baking from scratch was steadily being replaced with box mixes, making Bundt cakes and snack cakes really popular. Puddings and/or Jell-O were served in some form at every dinner.

Below are some pictures found on Pinterest for you to enjoy. Have a great day!



  1. SJ, We have some good memories from the 70s and 80s.

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