Throwback Thursdays ~ 1950’s

In the 1950’s the war was finally over, and the troops were returning home. There was no more rationing, and the United States was finally prospering. Because of the previous food shortages, life revolved around simple meals that filled you up. This was the age of the casserole, using canned soups, meats, and frozen vegetables. Because the returning soldiers had been introduced to new foods while they were overseas, they looked for similar items at home. Stores started to sell a larger variety of ingredients, and theme dinners became all the rage.

Companies began using the word “convenience” in their marketing ads. They started introducing updated recipe ideas, appliances, and anything else with the concept that if you buy this product, the home makers life will be so much easier. You have to admit Jell-O pudding is much more easier to make than pudding made from scratch, and believe me, I’d much rather turn a switch and light a match, than lug in a bunch of wood to bake a cake. 🙂

Below is a collection of 1950’s ads and other pictures found on Pinterest.


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