Throwback Thursday ~ 1940’s

When you think of the 1940’s the first thing that comes to mind is World War 2, and all of the horror and hardships of that time. Many things changed in the day to day life.  Gasoline, foods, materials, and many other things were in short supply. And even if you had the money to buy these things you couldn’t always because it was rationed. People had to learn to make due with less and enjoy the moment in case they didn’t have tomorrow.

The 1940’s were also considered the greatest years for food inventions. M&M’s, Nutella, Betty Crocker Cake Mixes, and Instant Pudding are among the many items created. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and it was mostly due to the food shortages and restrictions that these things came about. Most canned foods were sent overseas for the troops, and eggs, butter, and milk were rationed. Coffee and other items that were imported from around the world were expensive and in short supply. Many people planted their own Victory Gardens in order to have fresh vegetables. Recipes were created to teach people how to make the most of their rationed ingredients. Because of this, many cake recipes were created, such as the Chocolate Wacky Cake, which is still a favorite of mine today.

Here is a collection of photos from that era. As usual all thanks goes to that amazing website Pinterest.


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