Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago an awesome lady discovered that Minnesota did not have a Facebook page representing the fight to get the Cottage Food Law changed, to allow home bakers to sell their baked products from their homes. There was no petition, no Facebook page, nothing to represent the home bakers. Mainly because so many Minnesotans were unaware that such a law existed.

On June 23rd, 2011, she launched the MN Cottage Food Law page, and the first official public forum was established. This would be a place to share the news & updates, make plans, and most of all make the public aware of the fight to change the Cottage Food Law.

At the same time she created the MN Cottage Food Law petition on petitionline.com. At present there are 607 signatures on this petition. About a year ago Petition Online changed owners, it’s had some glitches since, and because of this we started another petition on Change.org. The MN Cottage Food Law petition on Change.org has 1028 signatures on it to date. We also have a Twitter account and of course this blog.

Since that time the Cottage Food Law has been amended to benefit people selling baked goods and other food products at the Farmer’s Markets, Craft Sales, Bake sales, and Fund Raisers.

In 2011, the House of Representatives made some revisions to the Minnesota Statutes which are found in 28A.15 Exclusions, Subdivision 9.  This basically means that we can bake our products at home, but can only sell them in Farmers Markets, Bake Sales, and Fund Raisers. We cannot advertise. We cannot exceed $5000.00 gross income. We must make sure everything is labeled as “Homemade”, with our names, address, phone number, and the ingredients found in the item.

Today we are still working to get the law amended so that we can bake and sale home made cakes, cookies, etc. from our homes. Amending this law would benefit so many! To be able to supplement our incomes would be a wonderful thing with the economy the way it is these days. The additional sales for supplies & materials bought in local stores would also benefit them. Social media sights such as Pinterest are encouraging folks to get back to basics. Homemade is the growing trend of the moment and the crafts, cake decorating, and baking supplies aisles in all stores are reflecting this.

As of today, there are 35 states that have amended their cottage food laws to allow for the selling of homemade candies, baked items, and some canned goods, to be sold from home. It’s time for Minnesota to get a clue and amend the Cottage Food Law!

Today we thank that lady, (who prefers to stay out of the lime light), and look forward with anticipation to next year’s legislation and victory!

Happy Anniversary!


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