Tidbit Tuesday ~ Frosting

What’s a cake without the frosting? I for one think it’s the best part. Even though sweet cakes are dated all the way back to the Renaissance time, the first documented recipe for frosting, or icing as it can also be referred to, was in 1769 in a book called, The Experienced English Housekeeper, written by Elizabeth Raffald. However, it was not until 1915 that Mrs. Fred W. Gurney created the first buttercream recipe. The one cake decorators love and use most frequently.

The Experienced English Housekeeper was written, “For the use and ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, etc.”  In this book there were recipes, house keeping tips, medical remedies, everything needed to run a household in the 1700’s. Elizabeth Raffald, born in 1733, was a housekeeper until 1763, when she married the head gardener. They moved to the big city where she opened a shop and raised 16 children. The first copy of her book was written around 1769. It was really successful and republished many times.

A lot of info for this article was found in Wikipedia and the American Libraries.



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