Wake Up Minnesota!

A few days ago one of our Facebook Friends found out just how important it is for us to get this law amended. She had started putting together a website with hopes of introducing her cakes to the public. Someone found out about the website and turned her in to the Department of Agriculture. They called her and insisted that she terminate her website immediately or she would be held accountable. The website hadn’t even been launched.

The reason this information is being shared is to try to make everyone understand how important it is for all of us to work together to change this law. It seems that there are too many who complacently go about their business, with the attitude that if they don’t get caught, it’s not a big deal.

Be smart. If you haven’t been called by the Department of Agriculture yet, you will be eventually. This is a very real law, and if you break it, you will be held accountable. Let’s work together to get this changed!


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