Tidbut Tuesday ~ Our Lady Betty

I don’t know if you all know this but our dear Betty Crocker wasn’t a real person. I was kind of shocked when I first found that out many years ago. After all, back in those days all aspiring cooks wanted to be like Betty and Julia. These days I guess its Mario and Bobby.

Betty was created by a lady named Marjorie Husted. Marjorie went to college and became a professional in the science of home economics. As a business woman she helped to make General Mills what it is today. The Betty Crocker name has been a big part of the success of General Mills.

In 1924 Betty Crocker had her own radio show here in Minnesota, where she talked about cooking techniques and shared recipes. It was the first cooking radio show, and eventually it went nationwide.

The Betty Crocker cookbook, which we all know and love, had its 11th revision in 2011, and has sold more than 63 million cookbooks since 1950.

You can go to BettyCrocker.com to order Betty Crocker items, get recipes, and print out coupons for Betty Crocker products.

Happy Tuesday!350px-Betty_Crocker_Portraits[1]This is an official portrait from General Mills.


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