Tidbit Tuesday ~ Arizona

In 2011 Arizona changed the cottage food law to allow their residents to legally sale baked goods from their homes. They have to follow guidelines such as making sure the products are non-hazardous, obtaining a food handlers license, and specific product labeling. They have several rules on how the home kitchen should be sanitized and maintained, but home inspections are not required. Best of all there is no limit on the amount of money they are allowed to make.

Selling to retails is also allowed as long as the items are properly labeled, and the establishment has to tell their customer that it is has been made in a private home. They can also sell their home baked goods online, but only within the state of Arizona.

Arizona’s definition of non-hazardous home baked goods is pretty much the same as other states. Items include: breads, brownies, cakes, chocolate, cookies, candies, and fruit pies.

Potentially hazardous foods not allowed are things like: salsa, jerky, jams, jellies, and spice mixes. Also products like custards, puddings, cheese cakes, pumpkin, cream or custard pies, meringues, etc.

The Arizona Department of Health Services produced a cute and informative video that gives more information about the Arizona Cottage Food Law. Click the link below and check it out!

Home Baked and Confectionary Goods Production Guidelines

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