Monday ~ March 31, 2014

Good morning! This weeks update is better than last weeks. We added 20 more signatures to our petitions, making it 1462 and we want to welcome 8 more friends to our Facebook page. We also have several new followers on our Minnesota Cottage Food Blog this week.

I know that some of you are feeling a little discouraged because we can’t seem to do much with the legislature this session. But don’t look at it as a bad thing. This gives you the opportunity to find out who you need to talk to in order to get the bill changed in the next session. It’s up to you to make appointments with your reps and find out where they stand. If they are not standing for you, or if they are “too busy for you”, then it’s up to you to find out who will, and get these people in place as your representatives. Now is the time to make those changes. Remember, they work for you. Have a great week!
141815fbfc0d5cef60f50ff4d561ce1a[1]                                    Thank you Pinterest!


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