Comments & Thanks On This Thursday

Today on Throwback Thursday I want to share a comment from one of our Facebook friends that you may have missed.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of you who take the time to comment and/or like the little things that we post from day to day on this page. Some of you never fail to leave a “like” and when I see your names it always makes me smile. It’s nice to know that what we’re trying to do is acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you!

This comment was posted a few weeks ago in response to our Throwback Thursday, March 13th article. Thank you John Reitmeier for sharing this with us.

“In the early decades of the 1900’s my Grandfather’s household consisted of Grandpa and Grandma, the two Mother in-laws, both of who were mostly not able to contribute to the goings on of the home, my Grandfather’s brother, who was regarded as “slow” and who Grandpa took care of all his life. In addition there were 8 children, only 1 of who was a girl. Grandma and Aunt Meda cooked for the 13 residents, 3 meals a day, 7 day’s a week. Grandma seldom even got out of the house from freeze-up to spring melt, except an occasional evening at a neighbor, and Church at Christmas. She and Meda made 5 loaves of bread EVERY DAY! They traded butter for sugar, but most everything else came from the farm. No weekends in Vegas, no ordering Pizza delivered to the house, if it wasn’t canned in the fall, it wasn’t available till the next year. YET they survived and I’m one of the 20 grandchildren, many of whom are now grandparents themselves and are close to becoming great grand parents. Why am I writing this? I’m thinking that if Grandma had a chance to sell a cake to someone, the State of Minnesota wouldn’t have wanted to get in her way. Why are they making it their business now? Here’s to you Grandma, and Aunt Meda, and all the Pioneer women who got us to this point! May we have even a portion of your fortitude and strength!”


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