Cottage Food Law Bill Update & Document

We know that you all have been wondering exactly where things stand with the bill. The latest news isn’t exactly great. One of our team members has been working really hard to meet with senators and get the bill presented. We want to say a special thank you to her. Unfortunately the Senators who were willing to help us this session have been out of touch with her. Maybe they are too busy, maybe they changed their minds, who knows? The bottom line is that we can’t get any where without representation.

Apparently, by the looks of things, it’s too late now to get our bill presented to the senate committee. From what I understand we only have about a week to get someone to agree to author the amendments, get them through the revisors office, and presented to the committee. In our case it would be the Agriculture Committee. If anything changes we’ll let you know.

In the meanwhile, you can make a difference in the next session by finding out who your representatives are, find out if they are willing to support our amendments, and then voting for your District Reps accordingly.

I am attaching the more detailed amendments here for you all to read. It is by no means a finished work, and please remember that just because we write something down, doesn’t mean they will agree to it.



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