Throwback Thursday’s!

Today is what everyone is calling Throwback Thursday. So we’ll just join in with that. Our aim will be to bring you posts, news articles, and anything else from the past that may be relevant to us, as well as fun to share.

Since we are once again attempting to get our bill heard in legislature, I thought that it would be a good idea to remind you  how important it is to get your representatives on board. We lost the house vote 70 – 60. That’s not much for a first time vote. I had saved the video link for that vote but it isn’t working now. However, this is the post from April 21st, 2013 concerning our next moves towards our goal.

Hi you all! Hope you’re having a nice weekend. I have been exchanging emails with Sen. Brown and Rep. Newberger for the past few days, discussing the House session vote and what we should do next.

As Rep. Newberger told me, this was just round one in our battle. We are by no means giving up or backing down. We did have a really large amount of support, which was awesome. Just think about it! We only need to get eleven Representatives to change their minds to win over the House. I totally believe we can do that.

Friday the Ag bill was heard in the Senate. Sen. Brown told me that he did not try to offer our amendment for a vote, as he couldn’t get enough Senators to back it, from either party. It would have been unquestionably defeated. However, later that day he spoke to the Chairman of the Ag committee and he has promised to work with Sen. Brown next year and to give the cottage food bill a hearing. I think that this will be much better for us, and I think we can attend these hearings and actually participate. I’m not 100% sure about that, but I will find out.

So, we have to wait until January for the hearings and another round of votes. In the meantime, we have to make sure that the Senators and the Representatives understand the issue and what it is we are asking for. The Representatives that spoke against us, without any relevance to our request, were only saying those things to confuse and scare the vote into their direction. Every one of our Reps and Senators has received a letter, or two, or even three, from all of us! It’s time for each one of us to get more involved. Find out who your Representatives and Senators are, go to the town meetings, and speak to them personally. This is the only way they will listen. Make appointments and go to their offices. If they see a real person behind these letters, I really believe it will make a difference.

In the near future I will be meeting with Sen. Brown to discuss exactly what we want the amendment to say in January. Although we do not all seem to agree on some of the rules and regulations, I am sure we all want the same thing. This is the ability to bake from our homes without incurring the high cost of a commercial kitchen and a cap that isn’t ridiculous to maintain. That will be our main focus point.

Keep on believing you guys. We will make this happen!


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