We The People

I never publish anything on this page from my personal blog. However, as this is very relevant to the Cottage Food bill, I think it’s important to share. Please take the time to read this and remember that if we are going to get the Cottage Food Law amended, we all have to take a stand. Thank you.

Cupcakes & Pearls

Last night I attended my very first Precinct Caucus. It was interesting and enlightening and I learned a lot. I learned that I am not as smart, or as independent minded as I thought I was.

For most of my life I was never really interested in politics. Government was something you learned about in school, and then quickly forgot as soon as you passed the exam. Growing up I listened to the adults around me discuss what was happening in the world. I watched politicians come and go, and came to the conclusion that if you were in politics, you were probably a power hungry person, willing to say anything to be elected and that once you’d won, resorted to all kinds of shenanigans, while promptly forgetting everything that you’d promised to the very people who had voted you in. I soon adopted the same self-righteous indignation a lot of people have who sit on…

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