Basic Letter For Representatives/Senators

Here is a basic letter that you can copy and personalize for your district representatives and senators. If you click on the highlighted word, you will find the link to their names and the districts they serve.

Dear [Representative … or Senator …],

I am writing to you in reference to the Cottage Food Law for Minnesota, primarily under MN Statute 28A.15. The Cottage food law in Minnesota is currently very limiting and needs to be amended to help home bakers subsidize our income in this difficult economy.

Limiting the sale of home baked goods in Farmers Markets and bake sales only makes it seem that many cottage food laws were passed with the intention of only allowing cottage food processors to use their home‐based food businesses as a hobby.

Removing or increasing the sales limits for cottage food operations and allowing them to operate directly from their homes, would help establish cottage food operations as important contributors to the local economy, and would help to supplement home incomes.

With the increased focus on supporting and growing local economies, cottage food laws need to be broad enough to allow producers to make their operations viable businesses. This would also provide more access to local products and increase the sales in the local groceries.

Please consider that 34 other states have passed or amended their cottage food laws to be more accommodating to home bakers. Over 1,000 signatures have already been collected and more are added each week.

We respectfully ask that you will address this situation and vote to amend this law.
(Your Name)
(Your contact info)
(Your district)


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