MN Cottage Food Law Press Release

Because of everything that has been going on with the Institute for Justice and the lawsuits that they have brought against the Dept. of Agriculture, we have been contacted by some members of the media asking us where we fit into this. We decided it was in our best interest to issue a press release that was given to the news media today. Below you can find a copy of the press release:

We are from the Facebook Community; “MN Cottage Food Law”. We have been working with legislators since 2011 to make changes to the current food laws in Minnesota.

Food safety is at the forefront of our movement while making scale-appropriate changes that open opportunities for small food entrepreneurs to enter the market.

This week two Minnesota women have filed a lawsuit against the MN Department of Agriculture. They are being helped and encouraged by the Institute for Justice.

The MN Cottage Food Law group is taking a different path to achieve a similar goal of allowing cottage food operators greater access to revenue.

We propose an amendment to Minnesota Statutes, section 28A.15 giving cottage food operators a safe set of requirements to follow. Clearly defining a specific list of non-potentially hazardous foods is something that Minnesota currently lacks. This list is already well-defined by many other states that have safe and logical cottage food laws. We also propose to increase the earnings limit, require food safety education and allow the baking and selling from our home kitchens.

It’s been almost 20 years since Minnesota has updated its Food Code. Food safety and technology has changed during this time and we need our laws to reflect that. The Federal Department of Agriculture has relevant information we can use to move into the 21st century. The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic is another excellent resource for making our laws pertinent.

Minnesota cottage food operations can exist safely and deliciously. We’d like to thank some of the many legislators that are helping to make this a reality: Rep. Jim Newberger, Sen Dave Brown, Rep. Dean Urdahl, Rep. Jeff Howe, Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, Sen. Scott Dibble, Sen. Terri Bonoff, Rep, Steve Drazkowski, Rep. Chris Swedzinski and Sen. Bev Scalze.

Please like and follow us on Facebook: MN Cottage Food Law.


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