September 11, 2013

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend yesterday’s meeting. For those who don’t know, yesterday afternoon we had our first little get together to discuss how we should proceed in the upcoming days. It was really nice to put faces to names that we see on here all the time.

We came up with some good ideas which we want to share with you all. One of the things we want to do is make a concentrated effort to be sure each and every districts representative is aware that we are serious about this and that if they wish to be re-elected they should support we the people. When the legislature comes into session this coming year we will have a group visit to the state capital and go door to door visiting with each one of them. In the mean time get busy, get out there, make your cause known. They serve you, they work for you!

Another thing we are all going to do is have bake sales, craft sales, and other events where we can pass out information to every person we come into contact with. Get together with the other friends and bakers in your community and have a holiday event where you can sell your cakes and cookies, (be sure to follow all labeling rules), and pass out a paper with the information about the cottage food bill. We will be getting together a document with this information on it that you will be able to just print off and pass out to everyone you come into contact with.

On September 24th we will be having another meeting. This one to discuss what exactly we want to have the amendment say and what rules and concessions we are willing to make and follow, to present to the Agriculture Committee when it comes into session. We will post exact details for time and place of the meeting next week.


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